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S.K. De Sarkar, Principal Architect – De Sarkar & Associates, Kolkata

The work for United Bank of India under our design and supervision was satisfactorily executed within stipulated time – frame. The mobilization, site management, workmanship and liaison activities of M/S.  Indeco Consortium had been adequate and impressive. Recently, we have sucessfuly completed  the interior decoration work of Coal India Limited Guest House at Kolkata.

B. Jailakshmi, Principal Architect -  Kolkata

It was great fun working with them as they know their job well. I use to pretense trust upon them as the work will be finished within the stipulated time frame and they wouldn’t allow to exceed budgetary constrains unnecessarily. So, congratulations Sujoy & Tapas and Indeco Consortium team. We have successfully done an office project of “Zodiac Express” and several residential projects in Kolkata leaving all satisfied clients.

Anupam Ghosh, Principal Architect - Archisn Work, Kolkata

There are reasons that Indeco Consortium experiences what client remember and share. In such cases, an architect feels soothe and poise as interior design is a people business above all else.  When architect and / or client share stories, produces new clients. That’s a successful interior developer / contractor like Indeco Consortium, Kolkata

B.B Rath, Architect – SADC, Bhubaneswar

We know, Indeco Consortium, Kolkata is dedicated and conscious to maintain the target with quality works. The client wouldn’t be disappointed for a fully functional and aesthetically good project work and finished the work before the time frame as we found them in our various projects like “SAMBAD – Baleswar”, “SEVA Resort, Bhubaneswar”, “Hotel Shakuntala” & “Hotel Ananya”, "Puri Hotel", "Hotel Victoria Club", "Hotel Sea Hawk", "Hotel Pulin Puri" at Puri, Odisha.

Krishnendu Nandy, Principal  Architect – I.D.E.A.Z. Architectural Consultants, Bhubaneswar

Indeco Consortium as an interior developer / implementer for our projects, They have always  been  a  team-player with a capability to lead as and when required. They have a sincere and hardworking team that exudes true professionalism and having a sense of pride for good work and follow-through in excellent manners. We worked together for “Hotel Empires, Puri”, Luxury Automobile Facilities for “Volkswagen & BMW, Kolkata” and several premium residences amongst others.

 Minaketan Pati, Principal Architect - VASTU VIKASH, Balasore

Congratulations Indeco Consortium people, we found you as real executor for creative and artistic design & conscious to finish within deadline. We appreciate the combination of your knowledge with aesthetic vision as we found you while working in our project of “Maruti Showroom, Baripada (Odisha)” & "NOCCi Infrastructure Company" at Balasore, Odisha.

Vipin Chawla, Principal Architect - Vipin Chawla & Associates, Delhi

Indeco Consortium has the expertise and capacity to collect information about the materials and project cost to create an interior that is aligned with the architect’s requirements as desired by the client. They use to ensure suitable provision of resources and work within an approved budget while quite caring to meet project deadline. They worked for our project of M/S. Jyote Motors – Showroom cum Office.

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