Company Profile

A Group of youngsters with impeccable academic background dreamt a dream and thus, the successful journey of “Indeco Consortium” had started in the year of 2001. The enviable curve creates a thumping impression with dynamic activities which is again enriched by the guidance of senior professionals under the green-eyed tutorship of the seniors.

Indeco Consortium Private Limited:- In the course of our journey, the partnership firm is upgraded to a Private Limited Company which would take over the business of the firm as a going concern to keep parity with the continuous growth of the unit with all its stock-in-trade, assets, goodwill, rights, title, interest enlistment rights as contractors, licenses, liabilities, obligations, privileges and benefits of all contracts incidental to the said business carried on the concern’s name and style of M/s. Indeco Consortium.

Our Role: Established on 2001 and has been gaining confidence and experience in Interior Design implementation as contractor. Our expertise in optimum utilization of space, interior design execution, renovation and correct usage of props enable us to provide services for commercial interiors for all segments starting from the decoration of big hotels & restaurants, show-rooms & shopping malls, office premises to very personal domestic / residential places.

Our Offering: We offer solutions to all our client’s needs whether it would be a proper execution of space planning and interior de¬sign implementation. Our specialty is making the most of what the available resource with fullest satisfaction and comfort leaving which is functionally good. Eventually, clients as well as architects satisfaction is our main motto whereas we always pay justice and take care of quality, reasonable rates, timing and aesthetic manifestation.

Our Skill: Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements clarity, development of functional specifications for authorities approval and supervision of development teams, Execution to achieve the target on stipulated time and resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that arises whether the client initiates or not. We pride ourselves as a team of self-motivators on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple implementations all within the deadline.

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